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Who am I

Hi !
I'm currently a student in a sound art school in Paris.

Wonder and understanding are ends in themselves, I try and cultivate a context leading to them.
I'm learning to make tools for others, in the hope that they will question themselves about the tools they use (or have fun, at least).
From a personal point of view, the process is more important than the product, for the simple fact that it's more joyful for me.

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Interesting stuff I made

This Website

I'm learning code by myself, and this website is a way of dipping a toe in html and helps me practice my english.
(It also keeps my mom up to date on what I'm working on)
This Website change color depending on you browser theme (I do prefer the dark theme).
If you're interested in any of the css involved, here it is.
Most of it is explained on this knowledge page about html / css
More info on the the why and how on this project page.


Github - Spotify - VCV library

Tools I use