Strolling throught the web I encountered more and more nice and slick blog of artists and developers.
People having blog often encourage other to go through the same path, such as Marc Weidenbaum in this article.
Having a blog with your projects is also a nice way to quickly show people what you do, it can also act as a kind of "business card".
All my work is very niche for a lot of people, it's easier to answer the classic "what do you do for a living?" by showing stuff online.
I was also searching for a way to learn a bit of HTML / CSS, and to train my english, this was a nice occasion.


Coding HTML / CSS (Link to the page with some of the stuff I learned), I learned more and more about the Web Obesity.
It just doesn't make sense to do what I do with a lot of technology.
Using HTML / CSS doesn't feel like a limit, they are just the right tools for the task.
Using more tools would lead me to add unnecessary stuff (if you have a tool, you'll want to use it).
The same can be applied to medias, minimalism and dithering are integral parts of the whole esthetic.

Here are some thought-full articles that inspired me to continue along this path :


As of now I'm using two local fonts : JetBrainMono and Redaction. This choice was made cause the balance personal feel and reading confort / website weight seems positive enough (the font files are less than 100ko).

How it begins and expanded

It started in a very minimalistic way, the original goal was to only have the "blog" tab, all the website was supposed to be a stream of thought.
But as I continue discovering new blogs, especially those from the Webring, it seems like the next step was to add a project page and a knowledge basis, for my future self and for others.
Formatting knowledge in a way other can understand it is very interesting. For me it's the best way to channel my craving to organize stuff, it's a never ending task, but it seems more fruitful than reorganizing my bedroom every few month.
It's now a natural step in the way I learn things.

I didn't really know where to add this but I try to keep all pages within two mouse clicks, I like website that are easy to wander in.

Actual Hosting and future upgrades

For now I am hosted on Github Pages, using google as the domain provider.
I hope I'll shift on a local server someday, it really doesn't stick with the aforementioned ethics of this website.
But I gotta say Microsoft/Google bring a sort of confort, everything is easy, comitting and pushing on vscode generate the website, everything is automated.
Nonetheless I want to learn some linux and server stuff, I guess it'll be the next big step.

I am hosted on a Virtual Private Server, more info on this knowledge page for the setup.
I write locally on my laptop, push on github and pull on my server through SSH.


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