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Made a weird instrumental from an old jazz sample, sprinkled strange text over it : Tried some font displacement, the texture used for displacement is a ramp (100 periods) added to low resolution and high contrast noise (10x10), the font is Brogetta regular
The deformation is inspired by This PPPANIK tutorial
Made some hydra patches you can find in a newly created Hydra sketches page.
I decided to put all the rendering in one page to save on some loading time in the blog pages.

I tried to make music with only ableton looper and a guitar, It was suprisingly hard, I'm so used to guitar being put through thousands of effects that dry guitar seems quite underwhelming.
Had fun and managed to do some funny loops after a few experimentations.
The funny gong like sound comes from the switch being toggled while I hold a chord, it exite the resonance of the guitar, I quite like this discovery. Some Music :

Used Ableton Looper and learned how to turn an image into particles thanks to this video from PPPANIC
that I summed in the TouchDesigner Knowledge page.
You can download the project here.
Surprisingly, exporting a gif and compressing it is not that easy (the image below is 6mb, the grainyness doesn't help though).
I'd love to make video clips to post here but it would be way to large for my selfconscious use of others bandwidth...
Could gif clips be an adequate answer ?
Some Music :

I made a component emulating data-moshing by combining multiple tutorials and adding my own ideas, it's not a very good "data-moshing" effect, but it's a nice effect nonetheless.
Tutorials used : Download .tox here

This is a merge of a sea and a waterfall with it (mind there is added jpeg compression).
Using SVG textPath to put text around any curve you want Source for the code
I used this website to generate the SVG path

Unrelated : found a website to make ascii schematics it is called TexTik.

Some Music :

Having a quite effervecent brain these time.
Some of it take roots in my current reading : Some ideas in a chaotic space -

Does asynchronicity in dialog, by adding to the time dedicated to reflection, add to the quality of the ideas ?
Or the other way around, the quick exchange of ideas allow for a more thorough exploration of possibilities (including impasses, which can be as valuable)?

Will mass usage of cloud storage lead to a potential monumental loss of data ?
Only the people having archived data on local drive perduring in history.

I should try to map velocity to the delay time.

How to explore the narrative potential of using tools.

The eternal fight between horizontality and verticality, in all possible meanings and contexts.

The more I think about complex, large scale systems, the more I realize “goals” are a very unimportant feature of their behavioral profile.
From RibbonFarm
Does this also apply to human being, which are good exemples of complex systems ?

Some Music :

The skeuomorphism is often shown as a bad exemple of UX, some people tend to become angry.
But what about the inherent underlying concept of interacting with knobs and slider ? Is is a technical skeumorphism ? Much of was as been done is a kind of emulation. might as well go all the way.
But the knob seems nonetheless to be a good info/space ratio, in a glance you can have max / min / actual value.
And they are quite handy when you need to group functionality. Things that may allow for this mere information. If you know what are the max and min of the viz, can you guess the value?

Variable font as a potentiometre.
Changed the font of my IDE to Recursive, a variable multi-axis font.

.on the question of the relation of the artist to his tool, This article about no-input mixing is really interestinG
curieusement Je Retombe Sur Exactement Les Concepts Que J'Utilise Pour Réfléchir.

Je recherche des Alternatives

I was thinking maybe writing
straight is lame

I wanna be the cool kid with the artsy website

Je viens de découvrir que le mot aternative (in french) is about duality and binary decision, whereas, en anglais, son acception se penche sur l'ensemble de ce qui aurait pu être possible.

Some Modification on the website : I added a RSS feed (and a short knowledge page about it) and changed the main font to Redaction

Some Music :